Director: Steven Oluic, PhD This department reports to the County Commissioners James W. Dvorak, Timothy C. Lennon, Ralph Spidalieri
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Director Steven Oluic, PhD Phone: 440-279-1970
Operations Manager Dave Osborn II Phone: 440-285-2380 Laboratory Supervisor Dana Cavallaro Clark Phone: 440-279-1975 Lab Analysts Tim Gressley Heather Mathews Wastewater M&O Supervisor Ray Farinacci Phone: 440-285-1783 Maintenance Foreman Shawn Maruna Phone: Wastewater Maintenance Clinton Rose Nick Crow Danna Nottingham Matt Moodt Jacob Nottingham Wastewater Operators Matt Hunter Jim Iams Dennis Powers John Omerza William Whitehouse Electricians David Gelhausen Mechanic Brian Cain Phone: 440-285-2886 Water Supervisor Brian Loza Phone: 440-285-2640 Water Operators Jason Simpson Brian Benson
Network Administrator Mike Kurzinger Phone: 440-279-1979 IT Technician Joseph Birli Phone:  440-279-1985 Fiscal & Personnel Specialist Kathleen Miller Phone: 440-279-1971 Accounts Receivable Assistant Jamie Peck Phone: 440-279-1977 Accounts Payable Assistant Linda Paranish Phone: 440-279-1978 Administrative Assistant Doreen Eppich Phone: 440-279-1974 Design Engineer Gerald Whalen Phone: Engineering Technician Mike Kubrin Phone: 440-279-1984 Pre-Treatment Coordinator Ron Walker Phone: 440-279-1976 Inspectors Rob Edmonds Phone: 440-346-4881 Joshua Smock Phone: 440-279-1972 McFarland WWTP Supervisor Phone:
McFarland Wastewater Operator John Sency Karen Peterson McFarland Wastewater Maintenance Ben Webster Jacob Pitchler Shawn Reese
Phone: 440-279-1970 Fax: 440-285-9549
Updated 5-10-2022