Director: Steven Oluic, PhD This department reports to the County Commissioners James W. Dvorak, Timothy C. Lennon, Ralph Spidalieri
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Updated 5-05-2022
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Updated 5-10-2022
Phone: 440-279-1970 Fax: 440-285-9549
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The Geauga County Department of Water Resources is an organization under the authority of the Geauga Board  of Commissioners.  We are a self supporting department operating on revenues generated solely from service  provided. Our operations must comply with all applicable Ohio Environmental Protection Agency's rules and  regulations which are based on Federal clean water laws, as well as Ohio Revised Code chapters 6117 and 6103.  Daily maintenance and operation of our facilities are performed by state certified operators, supported by state  certified laboratory, technicians, maintenance, administrative, and engineering staff properly trained and equipped  to ensure that all water used and all wastewater treatment is in compliance with the above mentioned laws.
Location of Water/Sewer Lines: Dial 811
Department Rules & Regulations
What We Do The following are some of the functions performed by the GCDWR operators and maintenance crew towards our goal of providing the best service: Routine inspection of all water and wastewater facilities Perform chemical testing at different points of the wastewater process Collect samples and transport them to the lab as required by the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit issued by the Ohio EPA for each of our facilities Our Maintenance crew maintains and ensures that all of our lines(110 miles) are free of obstructions and promptly respond to all customer complaints Perform all necessary tests to ensure safety of the water distributed to our customers Schedule and perform fire hydrant maintenance and flushing of water lines The following are some of the functions performed by the GCDWR engineers, planning and administrators toward our goal of providing the best service: Maintain over 6,200 water and sewer accounts Disburse over $7.2 million for operational expenses and over $10.0 million for construction Comply with federal and state mandates regarded OSHA, ADA, wage rates, etc Prepare financial reports and budget reports that are submitted to the State Auditors Department Rules & Regulations Please click below to view the Department of Water Resources Rules & Regulations.
Business Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm Service Counter: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm Phone: (440) 279-1970 Fax:  (440) 285-9549 Address: 470 Center Street, Building #3 Chardon, Ohio 44024 Questions: Billing Questions:
GCDWR Updates Department Rules & Regulations
This public utility is an equal opportunity provider.
Approved Rate Increases 2017-2023 Troy Oaks Sewer Service area rate increase in 12/21 USDA APPLICATION PACKET 3-23-22 USDA   APP PACKET 3-23-22 - zipped