Director: Steven Oluic, PhD This department reports to the County Commissioners James W. Dvorak, Timothy C. Lennon, Ralph Spidalieri
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Aquilla WWTP Upgrades

NAME: Aquilla WWTP Upgrades TOWNSHIP: Claridon Township ESTIMATED CONSTRUCTION COST: $1,720,000.00 estimated CONSULTING ENGINEER: HDR Inc. CONTRACTOR: TBD FUNDING: Ohio HB 168 funds, Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC), Geauga County ARPA funding when and if it becomes available, and GCDWR capital improvements funding. SCOPE OF PROJECT: As a condition of the NPDES permit renewal in 2016, the county was to upgrade/repair the Aquilla WWTP by 3/1/2021. However, project has been delayed until 2023. It will require the removal of sludge from the two lagoons, inspection of/repair of/ replacement of the: (1) lagoon liners & clay beds if necessary, (2) the aerators, and (3) the lagoon effluent land application system (piping, pumps, and valves).

Chardon Township Sewer Project

Bainbridge TWP Waterline Loop Closure

NAME: Bainbridge TWP Waterline Loop Closure TOWNSHIP: Bainbridge Township ESTIMATED CONSTRUCTION COST: $1,550,000 CONSULTING ENGINEER: GPD Group CONTRACTOR: Woodford Excavating LLC FUNDING: OEPA-DEFA Water Supply Loan Revolving Account SCOPE OF PROJECT: The Bainbridge Road – Chagrin Road Waterline Loop Closure is one of a series of waterline extensions into the township from the Cleveland Water Department. This project will connect two waterlines along Bainbridge and Chagrin Roads and create a complete loop for dependable potable water supply. The new waterline is highlighted in red below. Materials are being delivered now with construction starting in the latter half of April 2022.
Enviromental Health List of Registered Septic Installers

McFarland Creek WWTP Renovation & Upgrade

NAME: McFarland Creek WWTP Renovation & Upgrade TOWNSHIP: Bainbridge Township ESTIMATED CONSTRUCTION COST: $16,000,000.00 CONSULTING ENGINEER: HDR Engineering Inc. CONTRACTOR: TBD FUNDING: OWDA Planning Loan $997,459.00 and FY22 EPA-STAG Grant $800,00.00.  GCDWR will be applying to various Federal and State agencies in FY 2023 and FY 2024 to fund the future construction costs. SCOPE OF PROJECT: The McFarland WWTP is currently under an Administrative Order on Consent with the U.S. EPA Region 5 requiring the County to improve the plant operations in order to meet the NPDES permit requirements and halt bypassing.  The renovation and upgrade will include new headworks, oxidation ditches, clarifiers, and disc filters.  The current deadline to complete this is 12/31/2023.  Once the final engineering design is complete and approved by regulatory agencies, the construction project will go out for bid.
Environmental Health Guidance on Parcel Tie-In
NAME: Chardon Twp WWTP & Sewer Project TOWNSHIP: Chardon Township ESTIMATED CONSTRUCTION COST: $5,100,000.00 (updated) CONSULTING ENGINEER: GPD Group CONTRACTOR: Trax Construction was lowest and best bid.  The contractor was given a notice to proceed on 9/23/20. FUNDING: Loans via OPWC, and OEPA-WPCLF. SCOPE OF PROJECT: Construction of a sanitary sewer collection system and a 50,000 gpd wastewater treatment plant to service 113 households in the Berkshire Heights subdivision, Chardon TWP.  The project is the result of the “Findings & Orders” issued by the Ohio EPA in February 2015
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